5 British Art Galleries to Visit in 2023


2023 is already proving to be a great year for art lovers in the UK. As we head into the Summer, there are so many exciting exhibitions and events taking place that it’s the perfect time to explore some of the country’s finest galleries.

Here are 5 art galleries in the UK you won’t want to miss.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of London’s most iconic museums. Located in a former power station, it was converted into an art gallery in 2000 and is best known for its large collection of modern and contemporary art from around the world. The collection includes art by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali.

Whether you’re a collector with an interest in fine art or just appreciate beautiful things, there’s something to suit all tastes at this gallery. With an variety of paintings, sculptures, and installations on display, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the sheer diversity and creativity that’s on offer here.

National Gallery

The National Gallery in London is one of the most visited art museums in the world, and for good reason. The gallery houses an extensive collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th century, including works by some of the greatest artists in history. From Leonardo da Vinci’s enigmatic portrait of a woman, “The Virgin of the Rocks,” to Vincent van Gogh’s vibrant “Sunflowers,” there is something for everyone at this world-renowned institution.

Visiting the National Gallery also offers visitors a chance to delve deeper into art history and learn about different artistic movements throughout Europe. Whether you’re interested in Renaissance masterpieces or Impressionist landscapes, there are galleries dedicated to each period and style. Additionally, admission to the museum is free, making it accessible to all who wish to explore its treasures.

Scottish National Gallery

The Scottish National Gallery is a must-visit destination for art lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world. Located in the heart of Edinburgh, this magnificent gallery features a vast collection of artworks spanning centuries. From classical to contemporary art, visitors can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of artistic expressions that showcase Scotland’s creative genius.

Whether you are an avid collector or simply appreciate the beauty and meaning behind great works of art, the Scottish National Gallery has something for everyone. Visitors can explore masterpieces by iconic artists such as Botticelli, Raphael, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. They can also indulge in stunning exhibits featuring local talent like the celebrated Scottish painter Sir Henry Raeburn. With its impressive array of artistic offerings, there is no shortage of inspiration here.

Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery, located in the heart of London’s Chelsea neighborhood, is a must-visit destination for art lovers. With its ever-changing exhibitions and striking contemporary works, this museum offers visitors a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

One reason to visit the Saatchi Gallery is to see their impressive collection of contemporary art. The museum’s exhibits showcase works from some of today’s most innovative artists, including sculptors, painters, and photographers. Visitors can explore pieces that push boundaries and challenge preconceived notions about what art can be. Additionally, many of the works on display are created by emerging artists who are shaping the future of the art world.

Another reason to visit the Saatchi Gallery is its commitment to showcasing global talent. Exhibitions at this museum often feature artists from around the world whose work reflects different cultural perspectives and influences.

The Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth Wakefield is a stunning art gallery that is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in contemporary and modern art. Located in the heart of West Yorkshire, this award-winning museum boasts an impressive collection of over 6,000 artworks by some of the most celebrated artists from around the world.

One of the main reasons to visit The Hepworth Wakefield is its unique architecture. Designed by David Chipperfield Architects, this beautiful building features ten galleries filled with natural light that highlight the artworks on display. Additionally, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the River Calder and surrounding countryside from the museum’s terrace overlooking historic Wakefield.

Another reason to visit The Hepworth Wakefield is its dynamic program of exhibitions and events. From solo shows by acclaimed artists like Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore to cutting-edge contemporary pieces, there is always something new and exciting to discover at this vibrant cultural hub.

Experience the beauty of British Art Galleries

British art galleries are a treasure trove of visual art, with exhibits that range from contemporary to classic. These galleries showcase the works of both well-known and emerging artists, providing a platform for them to share their unique perspectives with the world. From paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations, British art galleries offer something for everyone.

6 Types of Digital Art You Need To Know About


Digital art is a broad term that is commonly used to refer to the process of creating digital images, animations, and other interactive multimedia. It can be made using various tools, including 3D software, 2D software, drawing tablets, and graphics tablets.

Digital art has been around for a long time, but it became popular in the late 1990s when digital artists started producing computer-generated images with traditional and new media.

Types of Digital Art

Digital Photography

Digital photography is one of several digital art forms practiced on most digital cameras. Digital photos can be altered or manipulated in several ways.

Digital Painting

In the world of art, digital painting is simply a painting that uses any digital tools like a computer program or computer hardware to generate imagery. Computers are used to create art through programs and hardware. While you will find that there are masters who have been practicing this for years, digital painting is also a popular choice for young people who love art.

Digital painting is often associated with digital art, but it can also be done without any digital mediums. Digital artists might use pencil, ink, markers, or pastels on paper or canvas to create their paintings.

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics uses digital images to create a visual representation of a design, such as in architecture, engineering, or product design. It can be used in any field that requires creative and technical illustration.


Photo-painting is a technique that uses high-quality digital photos as a canvas. Artists work with paint-stylized brush strokes, layers, and effects to carefully re-create an image in a collection of hundreds.

Algorithmic & Fractals

Algorithmic art is created through a mathematical process. Fractals are a type of visual art created using mathematical fractal algorithms based on self-similar geometric shapes created by repeating and transforming simple mathematical instructions.


Projection mapping transforms the appearance of an object in real-time by mixing video and still images with computer graphics. It is used in entertainment applications such as concerts, special effects in films, architectural projections, museums, galleries, and even casinos.


Digital Art can be adapted and manipulated to a variety of different media. Artists who want to appreciate the impact of digital art should explore the various forms and uses of digital art.

How to get creative with photography

Learning the basics of photography and taking some gorgeous shots can be exhilarating, but when it comes to becoming more experimental or using different techniques, it can be hard to know where to start. Keeping a few ideas in mind can help you jazz up your pictures, either while you take them or after while editing.

One great way to give your photographs more depth and interest is to change the angle. Most people take pictures, either of objects, landscapes, or people, from eye-height. However, crouching down or taking a picture from above can completely change the feel of the final image. A shot from up high gives a different, broader perspective, while a shot from down low adds drama and can make objects or people feel larger.

When it comes to adding drama, using a double exposure is also a great idea. Double exposures are two pictures layered over each other so that some pieces of each show. This can be done subtly to add a bit of depth or a different texture, or it can be done overtly, creating new, fantastic patterns or images in the picture. Creating photos with double exposures can either be done in a dark room or on picture editing software.

Most people are taught that a steady hand is crucial when it comes to photography, and for the most part, it is. However, moving your camera purposefully while you take a photo can add a lot of creativity to the photo. A motion blur implies action and can make some photographs feel more alive or personal. Zooming while taking a picture over a longer exposure can create a similar effect. Zooming can also add a lot of depth and helps to draw the eye to the main subject of the photo, slightly blurring the background.

How to master the starburst effect

One of the most interesting photography effects is the starburst effect. An essential part of achieving the starburst effect is the sun. You’ll need to photograph the sun directly to achieve this effect. The effect occurs when the lens is aimed directly at the light source from the sun. This then results in a star shape formed with lights around the shape rather than a single bright spot. Although it may sound easy to achieve the starburst effect, there are a few things you’ll need to know to master this skill.  

Let’s get right to the settings. Make sure your aperture relatively thin otherwise you will never achieve the starburst effect with a large aperture. The aperture diaphragm looks like a complete circle when it’s at its widest setting. Using thinner aperture settings will help form polygon shape, 
which is essential for achieving this particular effect. Ensure the aperture setting is now bigger than f/11. You may lower your aperture to suit the environment. The setting will depend on how strong the sun is, as well.  

In some situations, you may find the sun is too bright in your images. Don’t worry. If this happens as you can reduce the brightness simply by using a lens flare. It’s done by slightly blocking the sun. This small technique is ideal when it comes to working around harsh sunlight. 

If you are still struggling to achieve the starburst effect, you may want to consider attending a practical photography class. Professional tutors would be able to explain and tell you exactly which part you need to improve. There are also many online tutorials and online photography classes that 
you can try. Although online tutorials aren’t face-to-face, it is still possible to find an online tutor can provide detail and thorough course online. In some cases, they may also offer a one to one session with you. 


Canvas Print or Framed Prints? Which is better?


Are you looking to print your image? When it comes to printing, there are two options available which consist of canvas or framed prints. Here are some differences between framed and canvas prints every photographer should know.

Framed Prints  

Framed prints can be carried out by yourself if you know how or can be outsourced from using a printing company or seller. Even though you can print your images yourself, you might not be able to achieve the same quality as a professional. When outsourcing, it’s important to choose a reputable company who can provide you with the details you need. An excellent printing company should be able to provide you with information on the type of paper they use, type of finish, type of ink and different frames available. Framed prints are considered a great investment and due to its longevity. It’s also versatile and inexpensive.  

Canvas Prints 

When it comes to canvas prints, it’s also crucial to choose a company that will let you change or add a final touch to your print. When printing, bear in mind that colours may differ from the actual photo and the final print. Another thing to consider is using a company that uses a kiln-dried wood type for canvases. This type of wood is ideal for canvasses to ensure it won’t warp in the longer run.  

 One of the advantages of having a canvas print is that they look more expensive compared to a framed print. It’s also glare-free and inexpensive without sacrificing durability or quality. A disadvantage is that canvas prints aren’t waterproof in comparison to framed prints which generally has a glass frame. It’s also not scratch-proof and proved to be more expensive than framed prints. 

 In conclusion, if you want to have images that last a long time invest in a high-quality printer or find a reliable company who can print your desired photograph. It also comes down to preference when choosing which type of print you prefer.

How to improve your photography skills

There are several tips and tricks that you can incorporate during the shoot to help you achieve an eye-catching image. One of the most useful tips is using the rule of thirds. When using the rule of thirds, the eye usually wanders around the frame, which makes it the photo more pleasing to the eye. Here we have more tips and tricks you can use to improve your photography skills

Basic settings 

To capture the best picture, you need to learn how to set basic settings such as the aperture and shutter speed. Adjusting each setting can make a difference to your final image. 

Avoid camera blurs  

To prevent a blur from your image, you’ll need to learn how to hold your camera the correct way. Setting the right shutter speed will also prevent any blurs. Another trick is using a tripod or monopod whenever possible.

Minimal background 

Using a minimal background stops the viewer from becoming distracted. It lets the viewer’s eyes to be drawn to the focal point. These are perfect for photoshoots and outdoor settings.

Polarised lens 

Invest in a polarising lens. The recommended type of polarizer is circular. The polarizing filter helps reduce reflections, improves colour and will help your photo stand out.

Landscape settings 

Landscape settings give a sense of depth which allows the viewers to feel as if though they are right there on the image. Landscape settings are most ideal for taking landscape sceneries. You can also use a wide-angle lens for a panoramic view.


Do not use flash when taking pictures indoors; this can result in your images looking harsh and unnatural. If you must use the flash settings, turn the light to the ceiling on an angle. 


Another thing to consider is the ISO. It defines how sensitive your camera is to your current environment. For example, when photographing an image in a dark setting, increasing the ISO will help prevent the blur. It can also help lighten up the image.

Ideas you can turn into a canvas


Are you looking for ideas on what images you can turn into a canvas print? In this article, we have plenty of ideas for you! It’s easy to pick a painting and bring it home, but it doesn’t have any sentimental attachment and would probably get thrown away after some time. A personalised printed canvas can be more meaningful instead of buying other wall decorations. With that said, here are some examples of things that can be turned into a canvas print.

Drawings or Paintings

Your children make a lot of things, and it can sometimes be challenging to put them all up at times. Why not take a picture of their best work and have it printed on canvas? Your children will be reminded of the work they’ve done and this can motivate them to create more artwork in the future. 

First Home Memories

If you’ve just moved to a new home, using a picture of your first home or your first piece of mail you’ve received would be ideal to turn into a canvas for decor. The trick here is to turn memories into art.

Old pictures

Vintage pictures are always considered classic, cool and timeless. It’s just something that never goes out of trend. Dig them up, enlarge them and get them printed.

Love Letter

A love letter from a spouse is a very sentimental thing; it doesn’t matter if it is on a sticky note. You can hang it up either in the bedroom or dining room to always remind you of the start of something good.


Handwritten recipes of your most cooked dish are considered not just practical but also as an excellent way to remember your favourite meals. It could be from a family member who was known for being good cooks!

Sentimental Items

Take pictures of old oversized items that have a memory behind it. It could be something that you can tell a story to your friends or your children.

Professional Canvas Printing Services


You have taken the priceless photo of your gently sleeping newborn child. You captured the perfect sunset over the ocean with your camera or took the perfect candid photograph of the bride and groom stealing a kiss before entering the reception hall. Canvas prints can preserve those moments forever. Having your photo printed by a professional will assure the highest quality work and proper preservation of your treasured memory. Top canvas printing services will use high-resolution printers to create vibrant colours and a durable finish. They will provide consumers with a range of sizes and prices with a quick turnaround to guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Your printing order can be fine-tuned to your specifications in regard to size and style of canvas. The frame is durably constructed with a solid face to support the material. Most professional services offer a variety of frame depth choices. The image will be stretched and fitted to assure a permanently tight fit. Care is taken to prevent bulging or loosening. Professional printing services guarantee a clean, finished look for your project. Flawlessly finished corners, a backer board, and pre-installed hardware for hanging are standard with most orders.

You may choose from an assortment of options to personalise your photo prints. Photo printing can be done in colour, black and white or sepia finishes. You may want to request brush strokes, texture enhancement, or selective focus techniques. The edges can be customised to achieve just the right look for your project. Professional canvas printing services offer your choice of matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish. The final product is sealed with a clear acrylic coating that will preserve the piece and protect it from scratches and fading. Customer satisfaction is an important component of the industry. The majority of photo print companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are a professional photographer, canvas prints can be a great marketing tool for your business. Wedding photographers may want to have one of the couple’s favourite engagement photos printed out. Your thoughtful gift can be placed on the gift table at the wedding reception. The newlywed couple will be thrilled, and wedding guests will get a look at your work in a larger than life format!

You can adorn the walls of your office or studio with large canvas prints for your clients to admire while waiting for appointments. Showcasing your portrait and landscape photography will enhance your decor and promote interest in your work.

Whether you are a professional photographer, a proud grandmother, a new mum, a world traveller, or someone who never leaves home without a camera, putting your photographs on canvas is the way to preserve and display your work. Professional printing services will focus on every detail of your print to assure your finished product is exactly what you expect.

Canvas Photo Prints For All Occasions

 Photo prints are the perfect gift for any occasion. Give someone the gift that keeps on giving with a printed memory. Wedding photographs can become wedding masterpieces when they are transferred onto canvas.

Birthday parties are wonderful celebrations. Why not capture the joy of the moment with a photo print to be enjoyed for years to come? Imagine a bright canvas print of baby’s first taste of birthday cake with a bouquet of colourful balloons floating above his high chair. The delight in Grandpa’s eyes as he blows out eighty birthday candles would be a poignant gift to his family members. Those precious memories deserve more than a snapshot photograph, don’t they?

Christmas and other traditions are times of family gatherings, merriment, old friends and wonderfully diverse customs. Children grow and things change with each passing year. Whatever your holiday traditions are, photo opportunities abound when people join together to celebrate. A canvas print of this year’s family’s gathering will be something to cherish for years to come and for future generations to enjoy as well.

Holidays generate great opportunities to capture special moments through a lens. Beachcombing, bare feet in the sand, white-capped waves and poolside sunning are some traditionally favourite holiday moments to capture. The crystal blue hues of the water and the sugary white sandy beaches come together to make an exquisite photo print on canvas. The peace and serenity of your vacation can be recaptured each time you look at your treasured remembrance of those days at the seashore.

Think of the many times you’ve wished you could grab hold of a moment and keep it forever. Graduations, Easter, the first day of school, first prom, trips to exotic places, garden picnics, Halloween costumes, sporting events, new babies, Valentine kisses and family reunions are all special occasions. As life speeds along at a pace that makes our heads spin, we should take every opportunity we can to enjoy it. Preserve your family’s story with canvases and keep the memories alive long after the snow has melted and the sand has been emptied from your shoes.

Web design tips to improve your photography website

There are millions of photography websites online, so it’s important that you put attention to every detail of your website. Your site is probably the first point of contact when a client is interested in working with you. Customers would want to see your work. However, having a website to showcase your portfolio isn’t enough, you must make use of your website more effectively to get the attention of your audience. Otherwise, they may end up looking at someone else’s website. To make sure your audience doesn’t shift anywhere else, we’ve provided some following tips below to improve the design of your website.

Showcase your creativity through your website

You may not have any skills in creating a website by yourself, but you can always get some help from web design experts to help you create a website that is unique and flaunts your style. It’s important to avoid using a ready made template as other photographers are more likely to be already using them. You wouldn’t want your audience to see the same old boring template on your website. Instead, you would want your website to look different as possible as your website pretty much shows an impression of your work and first impressions are always important.

Minimalist design

Although we previously talked about making your website look different, it doesn’t mean that you should clutter your website with too much design and information. A simple website design will create a clearer image of what you do and will showcase your work in the best way possible. Your audience should be able to navigate their way around your website and be able to look at your work without any hassle or distraction.

Contact Details

Make sure your contact information is visible on your website and accessible to your viewers. It doesn’t matter how good your work is, if your contact details are not visible then many people won’t try too hard to find your details. Details including your email and phone number should always be on the top footer on each of your pages.

Be selective of what work you upload

When it comes to uploading your work, make sure to upload only the best images as you wouldn’t want to overload your visitors with too many pictures. It’s also ideal to highlight the images that show the market you specialise in. For instance, if your niche is portrait photography then there is no need for you to upload a picture that isn’t related to that niche.