Why wedding photography should be a priority

Your wedding day is like a fairy tale. It’s the big day for which you have been waiting for your whole life. You have gone through months of preparation and made sure every detail is just perfect. You have bought the best wedding dress, cake, and flowers. You have carefully chosen food and the songs for your memorable day. But what’s the use of all these things if you don’t capture it? You should capture every moment of this beautiful day so that you can cherish the memories forever and relive those moments.

The wedding photography is a very demanding business now. People now keep a good portion of their wedding budget for photography. Local wedding photographer Edinburgh can be hired for your wedding day if your wedding is taking place there. You will also find expert and renowned wedding photographers online who are willing to travel miles to take your precious wedding photographs. Whatever you decide, you must book a photographer well before your wedding day. Wedding photography must be on your list of priority for the following reasons.


Wedding is probably one event when everyone you love gathers in one place to celebrate your special day. These are precious memories and need to be captured. You will have a wonderful time with your family members, friends, and your partner. A good photographer will know the right emotion to capture.

Capture the details

They know what things to highlight in a wedding. Your dress, cake, venue decoration, food, etc. will be captured in detail. So, you can actually look back and appreciate the hard work you have put into making this day perfect.

Making the day special

Professional photography will make your wedding day more special. Everyone comes dressed up in beautiful dresses and the place is decorated with lovely flowers. It’s a special day and investing in good photography makes it more special. You will put an extra effort for the day if you know that a professional photographer will be capturing every moment.

Tells you a story

Each photograph of your wedding will actually tell you a story. Photographs of laughing with your bridesmaids, staring at your partner with eyes full of love, your first kiss, dancing along with the guests, etc. are all little stories that will make you smile and cry with joy.

Hiring a professional photographer is a must for your wedding day. On average, a photographer will charge you about £663 to cover the entire program. Professional photographers have the right expertise and equipment. Your photos will turn out to be perfect irrespective of the weather, light, and other conditions. You will be able to take photos in your preferred style. A photographer can even take photographs according to different themes. A good photographer can create a lasting wedding memory for you. So, while planning your wedding, make sure that hiring a good photographer is one of your priorities.

Tips on becoming a professional travel photographer

If you’re just starting out to be a photographer, you might find that it’s a very competitive profession. As much as becoming skilled in this field, it’s important to know how to sell and market your images as well. You will have to look out for the competition and always try to get ahead of everyone else. As being competitive will definitely give your brand a boost and more visibility to your audience.

Social Networks

If you haven’t already started creating your social media profiles, you will need to jump on the bandwagon as this is where your competitors are showcasing and marketing their portfolio to the public eye. When using the social media, it’s important to choose a network that will have the most impact on your visibility. For instance, most photographers would publish their work on networks such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Instagram is known for posting your images online. It is currently the hotspot for many photographers as they are able to build and flaunt their portfolio.

You will also need to know how to use your Instagram profile effectively. So for example, Instagram users who are getting the most attention are focused on making their gallery looks more aesthetically pleasing to their viewers. To get into the same level as the top photographers on Instagram, each photo you upload must look good with the rest of your images.

Another great network to use is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the place where you can connect with potential clients. It is an excellent way to increase your network with other professionals who are on the same field.

Pdf Portfolio

Having a great gallery is great, however, you must be prepared to provide your product and pricing information when you have a customer who is interested in working with you. It’s ideal to produce a pdf file that contains your services, portfolio and your pricing. Make the pdf short and clear for your potential customers to read. Pricing your product is highly important so find out what sort of prices that are out there.

Photography Competitions

If you want to increase your publicity then why not try entering a photo contest? You can gain a lot of benefits from entering a photo competition. Winning can also help you gain a lot of interest from the public, and you are more likely to get more people buying prints or hiring you for shoots. This will also give you a chance to compare your work with other photographers and gives you an idea of what kind of images that are currently popular in the market.

Interior Architecture Photography Tips

Taking the perfect shot for interior designs can be challenging. But did you know that there are some steps that you can easily follow to get the perfect shot every time? Let’s take a look at the following tips that you can apply for this type of photography.

Use a flash

Did you know that the flash on your camera can help balance the exposure of the whole image? Most people would usually turn their flash off during daylight and indoors and their images will tend to have more shadows in different areas of the room. To effectively make use of the flash, ensure that they are placed on a tripod and facing upwards towards the ceiling. The reason why the flash is facing up is to help illuminate the light across the room. The light will then spread across the room and get captured in the image.


As we are capturing a still image, it’s important always to use a tripod. The tripod will help stabilise your camera and prevent any blur in the pictures. It is also much easier to capture your image while your camera is on a tripod.

Use panorama for wider shots

When trying to capture a wider image of the room, it’s ideal to use the panorama settings. To use the panorama, place your camera vertically on a tripod. You will then have to take the image and make sure that each shot is overlapped. Make sure that the camera is rotated on a steady level to prevent too much distortion on the picture.

Only shoot one or two walls

Images that show only one or two walls shows a better visual image of the room. When you capture a room with three or more walls, they tend to look too busy or visually displeasing especially if the walls on the image are not aligned. So next time, keep in mind to take only one or two walls of the room to ensure your image is more aesthetically pleasing.

Tips For Printing Your Own Posters

For professional artists and printers, most art prints would typically be done through giclee techniques, also known as fine art prints. These are the type that can be sold for a lot of money due to the exceptionally high quality of the materials used and the final printed image.

Poster prints are generally a considered a cheaper alternative, sometimes more appropriate for mass reproduction at the lower-priced end of the market. It may be a great idea to opt for poster printing instead of one of your other options, depending on what the requirements for your final product are. If you do decide on this, remember the following tips to ensure your posters are the best they can be.

Firstly, consider the ideal uses for poster prints to make sure you are making the right choice. You will not usually be able to sell posters for a large amount of money as works of art because the quality of the print is just not on the same level as a traditional giclee print. However, they are ideal if you are an artist who wants to simply promote their own work or you are planning to sign copies of your poster print. That way they have some value that isn’t focused on the quality of the materials used. Posters are generally chosen for their size, too, because it’s relatively cheap to print them in large sizes (typically up to 60 inches).

The difference in quality will not be discernible to a lot of people when comparing a poster print to a high quality fine art print, but you will essentially be sacrificing some colour accuracy by choosing this method. Poster printing techniques are definitely advanced enough now that they are ideal for a wide variety of uses, especially commercial, but for art prints they just aren’t quite there in terms of capturing the exact depth and tone of your original image.

There may also be a slight compromise on the resolution of your image, even though modern poster printers can do a great job of producing accurate, high definition prints. Usually this is considered acceptable because the purpose of large posters tends to be so they can be viewed from a distance, and the sharpness of the image very close up is not really a major cause for concern.

Remember when you design your poster that it will be printed to the very edges with no automatic border, so you have to account for a very small margin of error around the outside. A full bleed print like this may result in slightly cropping at the very edges so ensure your image will not be compromised by that. A professional poster print may have a couple of millimetres cut all around the border to ensure neat edges.

Another benefit to posters over giclee prints is that they are already scratch-resistant and relatively tough with a glossy finish. Sometimes with fine art prints it’s necessary to treat the finished product with additional sprays to achieve similar results, but with a poster print you will rarely need to do anything else before using and displaying it. However, remember that poster prints are not designed to be archival, meaning they will not last forever and should not be treated as a permanent record of your image. Although they will last for years and even decades in the majority of cases, posters are potentially vulnerable to damage or distortion over time if not fully protected.

Tips For Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Finding all the professionals you need to make your dream wedding actually come to life is not likely to be a simple task. One think that many people get hung up on is the process of choosing an official photographer for their ceremony and the celebration that follows. Your photos will be one of the most important gifts you get to take away after the day is over – apart from your new spouse, of course! They’ll help you and your guests remember the day, so there’s a lot of pressure to choose wisely. Here are some tips to help you out.

Search locally

It’s generally best to try and find the best wedding photographer in your region, as most professionals will cover a few nearby cities or counties while some may be able to travel further afield. A Leicester or Nottingham wedding photographer, for example, would realistically be likely to cover the East Midlands area if needed. This helps you narrow down your search early on and it’s more likely you will be able to find trusted reviews (more on that later).

What style do you prefer?

Wedding photographers specialise in different styles, so before you select someone you need to ensure this matches up with your preferred approach. Documentary style tends to be the simplest and most photo-journalistic, capturing candid shots of the action as it happens, while the alternative would be to choose a photographer with a fine art style, or even something more edgy and alternative, to infuse some artistic creativity into your album. If your priority is to get great traditional portrait shots you could also find someone who specialises in these.

Research and read reviews

Looking up all there is to know about your top few choices will really help you quickly rule out anyone who may not be suitable. Reviews from trusted sources online can be very helpful, or if you personally know anyone whose wedding photos you really liked, this is a great way to get a recommendation you can rely on.

Have a personal interview

Before committing to a photographer, have an informal chat with them and find out what approach they would take with your wedding. This is a great opportunity to establish how well your personalities mesh and determine whether or not you’re likely to be on the same page throughout the process.

See their work and critique it

Wedding BrideTake a look at their portfolio and see how much you like the pictures they’ve taken at other people’s weddings. Review each album with a critical eye and try to draw comparisons between the work of each of your potential choices.

Check what package would be suitable

Most wedding photographers may not advertise their prices, and will instead give you a bespoke quote because there are so many different aspects to consider with each unique wedding. However, many of them offer different packages as a guide so you can choose the right level of service. You may not need all the features they can offer, but many add-ons may be well worth considering.

How To Take Photos Of Your Art

If you are an artist who wants to create a portfolio including high quality copies of your work, taking photographs of your pieces will often be the best solution. You may also want to do this for insurance reasons, or as an alternative to scanning so you can create reproductions of your work.

It often works out a lot cheaper for artists to invest in good quality camera equipment and take on the task themselves rather than hiring a professional to do the job, and this also allows for greater flexibility. If you want to take this route, you will need to follow these steps and consider several factors.

1) Camera quality

Firstly, this approach will only work if you’re willing to invest in a good quality SLR camera. A digital model (DSLR) will be the easiest and most effective option for the majority of users, especially artists who are not professional photographers. Film cameras are a good alternative for more traditional artists, but only then you know exactly what you’re doing.

2) Zoom distance

If your camera lens has the ability to zoom in a greater distance when you stand further away from the subject, this will be better for taking pictures of artwork because it minimises the fish-eye effect and makes the photo appear more flat.

3) Lighting

If you want to use natural lighting it is perfectly acceptable to shoot your artwork outside or using sunlight from a clear window. Artificial light may be more reliable but you will have to invest in a good quality, pure white light to get good results. Don’t use the flash on your camera because it is likely to create inconsistent lighting and will often be too bright for this purpose.

4) Image sharpness

When taking photographs of art, sharpness is a high priority. You will be able to get good results on a typical Canon or Nikon DSLR, but only more expensive lenses will get great results that completely minimise graininess or softness in your images. If you need to step up the photo quality then you will have to consider investing in a premium lens, assuming you are already doing everything you can with stability and good lighting.

5) Shooting angle

It is vital that you aim to get your artwork completely flat and in the centre of the shot, while keeping your camera completely stable. The ideal way to do this is hanging your artwork on a black velvet background and using a tripod to take the picture.

6) Editing

Post-production will usually be necessary to get the best results. Usually you will need to crop your image to the right shape and size at the very least. In the area you plan to crop out, place a ruler and a contrast scale (starting with a white square and going through tones of grey to black). These will then be in your photo when you come to the editing stage which makes it easier to judge scale, brightness and contrast accurately.

The Secrets Of Great Product Photography

Product photography is a whole art form in itself, and in many ways the difference between good and bad photos in this field can have much greater consequences than with some other types of photography. You’re balancing even more different requirements than usual when you’re specifically taking pictures of products in order to promote and sell them, since you have to consider your client or your own business as well as your potential customers and others.

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How to Start Your Own Photography Business

If you’ve been doing amateur photography for a while and you’re interested in becoming a professional, you’ll need to prepare from many aspects. You’ll need great gear, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing the business legally and you’ll need to handle your marketing and finances. It’s a business after all.

What do you do if you want to start your own photography busiess but you don’t have any business knowledge and you can’t afford to hire experts to do your marketing, finances etc. You’re lucky! We’ve highlighted some of the most important fields you need to handle in this article and we’ll show you how to do it easily.

Let’s see what you need for starting a photography business.

1. Great gear
If you want to be a professional, you’ll definitely need to use high quality gear for high quality images. Your clients hire a professional because they have high standards. Make sure to meet these standards.
It’s OK not to own all the tools at the beginning. Many photographers start their business by renting the camera, the batteries, the backup camera and the speedlight before saving enough money to buy their own. You’ll also need editing software and a powerful computer to be able to edit your photos.

2. Legal and Finances
Handling legal and finances are probably not the reason why you want to start your own business. But you’ll have to do it anyway. Depending on the country you live, you’ll have to register your business and pay taxes according to the requirements. You also want to make sure that you track your expenses and revenues for acoountability and future planning.
If you’re not sure how to do it, ask an accountant to help you with registering your business and paying taxes.Continue Reading

Improve Your Room With Fake Window Canvas Prints


Whenever you start living in a house, you find it new and attractive but with time, as you get used to it, the rooms can become monotonous and boring. It’s at such a point everybody starts to thing how to improve the rooms so that the can be attractive and interesting again. At such a point one has several options available to choose from. However, there is one option that can change the looks of your rooms without having to do a major repainting or wall alterations; use of fake window canvas prints. These will give your rooms a stunning new look.

It’s easy to improve your rooms with fake windows and it only takes a few steps.

Choose your favourite fake window design

Everyone has a favourite environment or a place they wish they had opportunity to live in or near. It could be a city, beach, forest, river, mountain, ocean, highway, a zoo or even a landmark. Such should be the top factor to consider when choosing a design. Be sure to also accommodate the likes of other family members so as to avoid having some members of the family that dislike a room. In case you don’t have a clear picture of what you want you can check online for various designs of fake windows.Continue Reading

Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography can be a rewarding experience, and opens the door to many opportunities for new business opportunities. It can, however, be a daunting venture for amateur photographers. Here are some tips for amateur wedding photographers to improve their chances of success.

Create a website
This is important for finding work as a wedding photographer. Nobody wants to hire a photographer to capture their special day who has no proof available to show that they know what they are doing. As an amateur wedding photographer, this is a great way to display your talent and take it to the next level in the transition to becoming a professional. This can be anything from creating a blog on a site like Blogspot, to creating your own website with a customized URL. This is easy to do with sites like Squarespace or WordPress. Using these sites are affordable and offer a professional touch to an amateur wedding photographers portfolio.

Keep the sound off!
This is a big one. Nothing ruins the mood more than the constant clicking and beeping from the wedding photographer during speeches or wedding vows. This is a simple fix, but one easily overlooked. It’s these subtle changes that can often have the biggest impacts and can easily differentiate amateurs from professionals.Continue Reading