Interior Architecture Photography Tips

Taking the perfect shot for interior designs can be challenging. But did you know that there are some steps that you can easily follow to get the perfect shot every time? Let’s take a look at the following tips that you can apply for this type of photography.

Use a flash

Did you know that the flash on your camera can help balance the exposure of the whole image? Most people would usually turn their flash off during daylight and indoors and their images will tend to have more shadows in different areas of the room. To effectively make use of the flash, ensure that they are placed on a tripod and facing upwards towards the ceiling. The reason why the flash is facing up is to help illuminate the light across the room. The light will then spread across the room and get captured in the image.


As we are capturing a still image, it’s important always to use a tripod. The tripod will help stabilise your camera and prevent any blur in the pictures. It is also much easier to capture your image while your camera is on a tripod.

Use panorama for wider shots

When trying to capture a wider image of the room, it’s ideal to use the panorama settings. To use the panorama, place your camera vertically on a tripod. You will then have to take the image and make sure that each shot is overlapped. Make sure that the camera is rotated on a steady level to prevent too much distortion on the picture.

Only shoot one or two walls

Images that show only one or two walls shows a better visual image of the room. When you capture a room with three or more walls, they tend to look too busy or visually displeasing especially if the walls on the image are not aligned. So next time, keep in mind to take only one or two walls of the room to ensure your image is more aesthetically pleasing.