The Secrets Of Great Product Photography

The Secrets Of Great Product Photography

Product photography is a whole art form in itself, and in many ways the difference between good and bad photos in this field can have much greater consequences than with some other types of photography. You’re balancing even more different requirements than usual when you’re specifically taking pictures of products in order to promote and sell them, since you have to consider your client or your own business as well as your potential customers and others.

When you’re trying to get the hang of this particular art, consider some of the following points which should give you a nudge in the right direction.

1) Don’t be afraid to show your creativity and personal style. If these photos are for your own products it’s no problem, and if you’ve been hired, the client chose your product photography services for a reason. Don’t get too hung up on making things technically perfect, because without any individuality your pictures won’t stand out.

2) Lighting is probably the one technique that it’s vital to master and be aware of in every single situation where you’re taking photos. For example, if you’re taking pictures of food, natural light is usually the most appealing route to take. For products like jewellery and clothes you will probably use bright artificial light to highlight details.

3) Make sure your equipment is more than capable of taking great pictures for whatever job you need to do, but at the same time, don’t become obsessed with cameras and put the equipment before technique. Your unique skills will sell the product in the end, not the camera you used to take the image.

4) Make sure you know how best to place and position your subject in order to show off its most attractive features. You may be able to improve the look of your product by using a plain white background, or perhaps it lends itself better to a more interesting scene. A great technique is to suspend products in mid-air using wires or a stand, and you can edit these out later to ensure you show the product in isolation from the best possible perspective. 360 degree product photography is an excellent way to introduce more angles when this helps the potential buyer see more of the product’s features.

5) Remember that you’re taking photos to explain products to someone who may not be able to physically see the item before they are expected to hand over their money and commit to buying them. In order to be successful, you need to really sell that product by showing off every possible benefit through an image. This talent will come with experience as you get more and more practice.